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Situated near Romsey, Hampshire, our storage facility offers secure storage for caravans, motor homes, boat trailers and similar vehicles.
The good local road network makes us easily accessible from Southampton, Winchester or Andover, Salisbury areas.

Platinum Standard Accredit​​​ation

Site Details

The area is constructed with aggregates and surfaced with recycled tarmac road planings.  This provides a clean, porous, yet robust, hard standing for your vehicle.

No trees overhang the pitches.

Each pitch is marked by lines and a numbered paving stone which can be moved where required to take your jockey wheel.
The site is enclosed with security fencing and earth bunding placed on the inside of the fence.

Access is controlled by 2 sets of automatic gates to prevent ‘tailgating’.
After your vehicle passes through the outer gate it will close and the second, inner gate opens to give access to the storage area.
Occupiers are given a key card which gives access 24/7.

About us

We are a family run business and live on site based in Romsey, Hampshire.


Wynford Caravan Storage,
Wynford Industrial Park, 
SO51 0PW

01794 368 267